Some of you might be wondering, what the heck is "Prizes or Cash"?!  If you're a child of the 70s-80s like I am you'll remember the ads that donned the backs of comic books everywhere.  You couldn't swing a cat without hitting one of these ads promising toys, friends, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams if you were just willing to go door to door and sell junk that no one ever buys from a door to door sales person.  Why I even tried to get in the action by becoming the top door to door greeting card salesman on the sales force.  I dreamed of drowning in a bacchanalia of cash, transistor radios, and handheld electronic games.  Unfortunately, my own mother wouldn't even buy one of the stupid cards from me and my dreams of becoming a rich young entrepreneur with my own sled named Rosebud never materialized.  This page is dedicated to all the young greeting card, seeds, and GRIT salespeople that silently suffered along with me.

Relive the Pain

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