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* Check out the brand new essay by Keith Anderson in Painstick's Writing Fun!  It's the history of Alaska we never knew about!

* All of our MST3K Spotlight sounds have been converted to mp3 format.  We hated to to it but we needed to conserve server space.  You can find lots of conversion programs at


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Welcome to Painstick's PlayhouseIt's Offbeat fun for offbeat people!  We're committed to serving fresh (kinda) only the stuff WE enjoy.  Who's we?  You know...US.  And if you have to ask, then maybe you're not one of "us".  But you're welcome to hang out with us anyway.  So join the fun!

If you're into Pop Art, check out our growing Cereal Box Gallery and our Retro AdsYou can even make your own cereal box like we did and we'll hang it in the gallery!  If you're a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, enjoy our MST3K Spotlight of a different episode every month.  While you're there, make sure to pillage our download section.

If your appetite is for something a little more obscure (and if it is, I pray for you), our tribute to the Prizes or Cash ads that graced to backs of comic book covers for years might hit the spot.  Or, have fun playing the Pez Games that are printed on the backs of Pez packages.

We enjoy and appreciate contributions made by our visitors.  Have something to say about something?  Have experiences to share, poetry to express?  Hate Taco Bell and just want to write an essay about it?  Then Writing Fun is the place for you! 

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Also, while you're here, dive into Painstick's Portal.  Painstick's guide to the stuff WE like one the web.  Don't make me get into who "we" are again!  

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