Our MST 3K Spotlight this time is Mitchell.  Not only is it one of  our favorite episodes, it's the last Joel episode too.

     The movie is about a fat slob of a cop who's put on a boring surveillance job as punishment for his roguish ways.  While doing his job, he decides to do his own investigating into a drug ring involving Gilano, Mestrada, Kemmel, and Merlin Jones.  You find yourself really not caring after John Saxon disappears half way through the movie.  Linda Evans plays a hooker who falls for Mitchell even though he smells like Shlitz and cigarettes. 

     Though this episode may not have a ton of famous quotables, it is extremely funny, mostly at the expense of Joe Don Baker.  It has a huge re-watch factor too.  As stated earlier, it's the last Joel episode and the first appearance of Mike .  He's hired as a temp by the mads to help them while they're being audited by a mad scientist's organization.  The DVD contains the original Mitchell theatrical trailer as a bonus!   

Help yourself to our collection of images and sounds, taken from this great episode, in our downloads section.  



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