Prince of Space


Our MST 3K Spotlight this time is PRINCE OF SPACE.     The premise  of this film is pretty simple.  An overweight "Phantom of Krankor" comes to earth in a flying Butterball Turkey and threatens to conquer our "puny planet".  His threats turn out pretty empty though as "Prince of Space" frolics around in his dance skins proving over and over that "Your weapons are useless against me".

    The costumes in this movie are gold.  The bad guys look like they filled the back of their pants heartily and their noses seem like they would come off with a stiff breeze.  The children are typical Gamera kids with disturbing short pants and voices I'd swear I heard while having a bad fever dream.  The title character, "The Prince" as we like to call him, is just way too wispy and looks like he may have had all of his muscles removed in a bizarre experiment.  The crown jewel of the movie is Phantom.  With lines like, "I got ya now...ya scum." and the ever present "HA HA HA HA...", how can you not just... soak him up?

    Mike and the bots are exceptionally sharp on this episode and they quip like banshees as they gruel through the entirety of the movie.  The laugh factor is pretty high on this one and so is the rerun factor.  I've watched it at least three times in the last six months and I'm still ready to go another round.

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