Space Mutiny


Our MST 3K Spotlight this time is SPACE MUTINY.  What can you   say about this movie?  An oily, beefcakian guy named David Ryder shows up on a big spaceship, that highly resembles the mechanical room of a large building, just in time to thwart a mutiny being orchestrated by a man who looks like his skull is trying to escape through his face and is named after laundry soap.  Meanwhile, girls are dancing and Santa's daughter is falling for our hero.

Most of the props from this movie were probably purchased from Spencer's Gifts at the mall  and actors playing henchmen were recycled by cleverly dressing them in BMX masks so that we couldn't see their faces.  It is possible, though, that they could have been wearing the masks to protect themselves while shooting railing kill after painful railing kill.  The power yell expelled forth from our daring hero caused me to laugh each time as I wondered how such a manly man could let out such a womany scream!

The quips are awesome in this one since there's so much to ridicule in this movie.  I especially like the nicknames Mike and the bots give the hero, "Blast Thickneck, Crunch Buttsteak!"  You can get SPACE MUTINY on DVD from The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Volume 4 and I highly recommend the entire set.

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