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Bob Costa reminisces about the days of sugar drenched glory in an essay he simply calls, "Oh Yea!" 

"Oh Yea"  by Bob Costa

Oh yes! the good old days. I remember them well. And how could you forget those Saturday mornings chugging bowl upon bowl of Freakies or Pink Pather Flakes. ( was that paint in my bowl? or does the milk always look fluorescent. ) not to mention other fine quality breakfast treats. And with juice, toast, and nine gallons of milk it becomes part of a complete and balanced breakfast. Not to worry mom, It's got nine essential vitamins and minerals.  Thank God, here I was worried I might burn out my pancreas (yes even at that age I knew what it was) and be diabetic.
After getting my morning Glucose spike in check and running around the house yelling SHAZAME!! ( It never did change me into the guy. what a bummer.) I was ready to hit the living room and get out the Six Million Dollar Man stuff. When was the last time you saw an action figure lift an entire work boot with one arm? Oh happy day!!
And who could forget the really wild stuff like X-ray vision glasses. Sea Monkeys and Wacky Pack Stickers. It got even better when you brought all three to school with you. What fun it was to be the king of the recess break with items that could see through girls clothes, or creatures that have families that wear little hats on there heads and act like monkeys, not to mention stickers that blew the lid off big industry's advertising budgets.
Yes sir, I do remember the fun.  And as all good things must come to an end. It was all over when the Hawaii Five O theme  started and I heard those immortal words, TIME FOR BED! Nooooooooo!  ( I never did win that struggle. )
Now that I'm all comfortable and relaxed in my nice warm bed I still wonder what the heck I'm going to do about the Vampire I just know is under my mattress just waiting for me to fall asleep.



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